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Welcome to JnG Shooting

Posted by Greg Scott

During the summer of 1998, JnG Defensive Pistol was founded by Joe Zawacki and Greg Scott based upon the desire to shoot courses of fire replicating real world defensive pistol scenarios. The philosophy was to design courses of fire that made competitors use pistols they would normally use for defensive purposes and have them move through/around obstacles that would replicate real world experiences. Shooters have to wear concealment and use cover accordingly while neutralizing targets as quickly as they can. This is a test of firearm competency, as well as physical and mental stamina and discipline. Shooters who participate in this competition are subjected to stressful situations that test their weapons as well as their mental and physical toughness. A little more than ten years have gone by, and this philosophy still holds true. During this time, hundreds of shooters have participated in JnG Defensive Pistol, and have all become better and more confident shooters. JnG shoots every Thursday night at 6:30 p. m. rain or shine or hurricane at The Wyoming Antelope Club in Pinellas Park. All shooters are welcomed, so bring your guns, ammunition, and most importantly, your bug spray, and participate in a truly competitive environment.